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Dec 1, 2007
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i want to help my friend be a better writer. could anyone tell me what she is good at and what she needs to improve on.

Befar some became muslim

did u think an haw(who) give life? give u food and some drink? chlas(clothes) to take an?
u have a good helf (health) haw can u thank thanks that for?
and the life is a big test and u need lat af persian(patience)
do u naw why?
there is marhis,wahter, sun,moan,stars,land,trees,animial’s.
and all that we have. bat do we ever say thanks far all that?
some we don’t care about it and the life the get and all is some bad.
They think if the come away from all that then they will belakas(relax) in the nex life.
bat the forget some when they dide the the there is mare pean!( pain)

when ane became muslim

the person understand the mens af the life and why
we are here far, the mast eparthen is we naw haw give af the life,drink,food,chlas,sun,moon,stars,Rain.
ther is anly ane coahter(creator) and the is Allah
and the life is a test and fight far to come in pardis and do Allah happy.
and pray 5 times for thanks him af all that he gave as.
and the girls go so the man,bay’s nat can see her
how she look like an she have to be carihf (covered).
nat talk to other man ecapt them there are in her familiy.
ther are lat af thinks u will af see are bether end befar u was muslim and be mare happy and mare persian.


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Oct 19, 2006
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Basic problems: spelling; capitalization; use of texting rather than proper English.

Conceptually some good stuff.

If she or you can retype these pieces with correct capitalization and spellings, it will be easier to judge them. They look like direct transcripts of speech, with non-English pronunciations of words.
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