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Shiva! Been trying to find you...your emails aren't active, i guess...if you get this, please answer!---Mark
Donna, what's the problem?

A modal (would), an auxiliary verb (have), and a past participle.

"I would have gone to the concert had I been in Vegas."

"I would have taken your case had I known that you were innocent."

"You would have been prosecuted if the DA had known about this."
I am not a teacher. I am just a person whose logical thinking has led him to problematic sentences in English.
It doest work, boehm. I cannot upload pictures from my gallery. It says I should enter a URL.
You are an open-minded boy. I guess you will like my role model and his book. You can try this book besides your own studies.
Take care.
I like Socrates' thoughts and the dialectics.

I also like Martin Luther because he said we can be in touch with God directly. That is our belief in our religion (Shia).

I love Decart because of his doubts about everything. (I am thinking maybe this world isn't real and so on).

Also, I like Kierkegaard because of his existencial beliefs.

In the East, I love Amuralmumenin (Ali). His thoughts are extraordinary. His book "Nahjolbalaqe" is beyond all other philosophies.
Do you want me to point out grammar errors?

we studied either Western and Eastern philosophers. I love Existancialism.

We studied either Western or Eastern philosophers. I love Existentialism.
We studied both Western and Eastern philosophers. I love Existentialism.

Either/and is not good grammar.
Existentialism is interesting. I also enjoyed reading about syllogisms and fallacies. Good stuff. Anyway, who are some of your favorite philosophers and why?
Oh, I didn't know that!

we studied either Western and Eastern philosophers. I love Existancialism.

We don't have any minors. We only have one major (psychology) and its courses ( developmental psychology, philosophy, abnormal psychology and so on).