English Grammar: Pronouns

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A pronoun is a word that substitutes a noun or noun phrase.

There are a number of different kinds of pronouns in English.


  1. Demonstrative Pronoun - this, that, these, those
  2. Personal Pronoun - I, you, he, she, etc..
  3. Possessive Pronoun - mine, yours, his, etc..
  4. Reflexive Pronoun - myself, yourself, etc..
  5. Interrogative Pronoun - who, what, where, etc..
  6. Negative Pronoun - nothing, no, nobody, etc..
  7. Reciprocal pronoun - each other, etc..
  8. Relative Clause - who, whose, which, that, etc..
  9. Quantifier - some, any, something, much, many, little, etc.
  10. Indefinite Pronoun - anyone, somebody, one, all, etc

See Also:

Parts of Speech; Anaphora; Cataphora; Deixis; Endorphora



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