Printable Handout: Needn't & Don't Need

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Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - You _____ do it if you don't want.
do not need
need not
Either could be used here.
Q2 - I didn't bother to confirm it because they said we ______ once we'd got the tickets.
didn't need
didn't need to
needn't have
Q3 - I spent hours doing it and then they told me I _____.
needn't have bothered
didn't need to bother
needed bothering
Q4 - We ______ to do it.
don't need
Either could be used here.
Q5 - I need ____ to the bank.
to go
Q6 - I ____ any more trouble.
don't need
Either could be used here.
Q7 - If anything needs ____, just let me know.
to do
Q8 - Thanks a lot- you ____ it, though.
didn't need to do
needn't have done

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