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Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - If I were you, I ____ her straightaway.
will tell
shall tell
would tell
Q2 - If I were you, I ______ that.
wouldn't do
wouldn't have done
Either could be used here.
Q3 - If I'd been there, things _____ different now.
would be
would have been
Either could be used here.
Q4 - If I'd known, I ____.
will help
would help
would have helped
Q5 - Should you see her, _____ her to call me?
will you tell
would you have told
Q6 - If you did that, it ______ cause trouble.
would probably
might probably
Q7 - If he's there, there ____ be trouble.
Q8 - If you liked it, _____ you buy it?
Q9 - If it took all day, ___ you want to do it?
Either could be used here.
Q10 - Were you to fail, what ____?
will you do
would you do
would you have done
Q11 - If I'd known, I would ____ there.
have gone
Q12 - If you are there, _____ you do me a favour?
Either could be used here.
Q13 - If you'd been, there _____ you have helped?
Either could be used here.
Q14 - Were you _____ the job, how would you feel?
to get
Q15 - If aid doesn't arrive soon, a million people could die.
Zero Conditional
First Conditional
Third Conditional
Mixed Conditional

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