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Ask Dr Cypres

Whether you need English language instruction, or help with business language.. Whether you have a specific question about U.S. business or a general one about university life.. Whatever your language, business, or cultural concern or question, consulting with Dr. Cypres is a few clicks away..

BBC Learning English

A free English language teaching website from the BBC for learners and teachers of English. Updated on a daily basis, the site provides authentic, topical business English material in a stimulating and interactive environment. Audio, video, flash and pdf formats are used to fully engage the learner whilst the blogs, message boards and discussion lists encourage the students to practise and improve their language skills.

Briefing Notes and Briefing Books

Comprehensive guidance and templates for briefing notes, briefing books, memos and letters prepared for cabinet ministers and senior executives. A free Web site. Offers an online forum where the author answers your questions about business writing.

Business Emporium

Business Principles and Vocabulary taught professionally and with humor. If you are looking for something fun yet informative for tomorrow's class, homework or tutorial in Business English: you have come to the right place.

Business English Podcast

Learn Business English at your convenience with our free MP3 Business English Podcast.

Business Letter Templates

Over 6,000 sample business letters in many different categories. Also includes sales letters and personal letters.

Free Business English grammar and vocabulary exercises arranged by topic (sales, marketing, I.T., medical, accounting, finance, etc.) Includes audio and video-based listening comprehension sections.

Dave Volek's Business English

Dave Volek's Business English (DVBE) is the first BE program to truly use the ESA (engage, study, and activate) methodology for teaching business English.

TEFLtastic Business English and ESP Worksheets

PDF classroom activities for business and ESP grammar, functional language, vocabulary, needs analysis etc, plus materials for BULATS, Business Result and Market Leader