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Here in the Marxist TEFL group we believe English, in itself, is not imperialism and that learning another language can and should be an option for all. Not surprisingly, however, as the dominant ideas in every epoch are the dominant ideas of the ruling class, TEFL has become an instrument of subjugation and inequality. A justification for class society and imperial conquest. Here in our small marxist current we want to defend this simple proposition, give heart to socialists working in the industry or taking classes. We want to differentiate ourselves from the career marxists or obfuscators that inhabit the dark corridors of corporate academia, who dismiss tefl workers as “imperialist stormtroopers” whilst themselves working for the most lucrative and pernicious arm of the TEFL industry. Our current is the voice of the oppressed and exploited, a current fighting back against inequality and imperialism in language teaching.


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