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Only American English Dictionary which invites you to 'find your word by the way it sounds'. Simple, quick, NO RULES. "Gabby's Wordspeller & Phonetic Dictionary". h'ordeuvres can be located by looking up orderves or if you TRY to spell it the old fashioned way, you will find it listed as hordurves or hordervs. Gabby's cross-references for you too. Is it 'petal' or 'pedal' or 'peddle'? All choices displayed with all the misspelled words. Is it 'carrot' or 'caret' or 'karat' or 'carat'? There are 12 different ways to misspell 'solenoid', all are listed phonetically. How do you spell 'psoriasis' when you don't know it starts with a 'p'? Gabby's is a bridge between the sound of the word and a standard dictionary.


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