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A Year in the Life of an ESL Student

This textbook is a must for advanced ESL students who are serious about improving their comprehension and usage of idiomatic English.


An Indie Publisher of Fine EFL/ESL Materials

Advanced Methods for Learning English

Practical approaches to perfecting your English, for intermediate to advanced learners

Cambridge International Book Centre - EFL & ELT Books

Cambridge International Book Centre - We are specialist suppliers of English Language Teaching (ELT), English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and General Educational Materials worldwide and have been trading in Cambridge (UK) since 1978, supplying to individuals, educational establishments, and businesses.

EFL Press

EFL Press is committed to providing teachers and students with the best possible materials for learning English in Japan. All our courses are designed exclusively for Japanese students. We are confident you will find that our texts work much better than other commercially produced courses. Feel free to request sample copies, copy a few units, and try them out with your students.

ELT Books

ELT Books offers all English language teaching books at discount prices in Japan.

English Dictionary; Find your word by the way it Sounds (Phonetic)

Only American English Dictionary which invites you to 'find your word by the way it sounds'. Simple, quick, NO RULES. "Gabby's Wordspeller & Phonetic Dictionary". h'ordeuvres can be located by looking up orderves or if you TRY to spell it the old fashioned way, you will find it listed as hordurves or hordervs. Gabby's cross-references for you too. Is it 'petal' or 'pedal' or 'peddle'? All choices displayed with all the misspelled words. Is it 'carrot' or 'caret' or 'karat' or 'carat'? There are 12 different ways to misspell 'solenoid', all are listed phonetically. How do you spell 'psoriasis' when you don't know it starts with a 'p'? Gabby's is a bridge between the sound of the word and a standard dictionary.

English lesson plans by Functionall Books

Learn English with Teacher and Student edition lesson plans and activities by Functionall Books

Free ESL Book - A day in the life of .....

�A day in the life of .....� was specially written for intermediate students of English as a second language, and each story contains passages in dialogue which are suitable for acting out in class. Words and expressions that may present difficulty are asterisked (*) in the text and listed in a glossary at the end of each story. There is a wide range of exercise material and answers are provided at the end of the book.


The award winning, BBC MUZZY program is the most respected children's language course in the world. Celebrated in 40 countries, used in national curriculum, and presented at Harvard, MUZZY is a masterpiece for children. It's engaging, it's fun and it works.


A web site with free materials and two podcasts series (also on iTunes) "Better Speaking Skills" and "Your English". I am a retired university teacher who enjoys menoring young colleagues through my book, my website and my workshops with TESOL.

Real, entertaining and thought-provoking quotations to help you teach English irregular verbs.

Syntax for Sailors

An extraordinary language arts resource for parents, home school instructors, teachers, tutors, substitutes and independent learners. Suitable for middle school through college level grammar and syntax instruction. Syntax For Sailors Navigating The English Channel is a good, thorough, straightforward, and user-friendly grammar resource. Sample pages in PDF format available upon request