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* Glossary of Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions

A glossary containing hundreds of English idiomatic expressions with definitions.


Clich� has amassed a list of over 2100 clich�s, euphamisms, sayings and figures of speech complete with definitions and explanations.

English Proverbs an archive of proverb and historic quotes.

Expressions & Sayings

Have you ever wondered where some of the expressions and sayings used in everyday language come from? In fact, many of the words and phrases common in daily English originate from a wide variety of sources such as mythology, folklore, literature, religion, science, history, superstition, old customs and practices, the language and culture of other countries, and many more.

Famous Proverbs Chinese Proverbs - African - Irish - English & More

Guide to Idioms -

Hundreds of Idioms, Slang, Phrasal Verbs, Colloquialisms, Cliches, and Proverbs, with Context Examples

Find out the origin of idioms and common sayings such as Baker's Dozen, No Dice, Peeping Tom, Cold Turkey, and more.

Access English -- Idioms

This YouTube channel will you give you regular posts on idioms in the English language with plenty of examples to help you understand them.

English Idioms & Phrases PDF Downloads

Download our lists of English idioms in PDF format. Select from categorised lists to assist the study of specific topic areas. Our lists of idioms and idiomatic sayings have been compiled by hand to provide you with a unique and valuable resource to learn English idioms. Each PDF contains topical lists of idiomatic expressions and their meanings.

English idioms and phrases with videos

There are thousands of idioms, proverbs and "special" words, but there are only two ways to memorize them: living in English-speaking country or watching videos from our collection. teaches the meaning of English idioms and phrases. For native and non-native English speakers of all ages.


The site consists of a list of many English language idioms, phrases and proverbs, with videos.

Online English Idiom Dictionary


A reference web site with commonly used idioms and slang expressions

Idioms by kids

A site with over 1000 high quality (kid drawn) images of the literal meaning of idioms. These are usually very humorous. There is no attempt to explain the real meanings, but there is a list of over 3000 kid safe idioms.

Idioms with pictures and clues

The main purpose of this blog is to learn Idioms with images and clues.

An archive of the meanings and origins of thousands of phrases, sayings and idioms.

Pine Crest School Idiom Collection

An idiom is an accepted phrase having a meaning other than the literal. "Skating on thin ice" and "a blind alley" are two common examples. Idioms are a fun, playful part of language

Sports Idioms

This site contains over 275 idioms derived from terms used in the sports and games played in the United States. To not understand the games, their terms and idioms, hinders communication. This book is meant to remedy this situation, to teach all who want to learn how to "play the game". If one understands the sport, the game and the way it is played, one will understand the idiomatic expressions derived from these games.

The Idioms

Discover English idiomatic expression and phrases with complete meaning, sample examples and origin facts, arranged in a very simple cataloging structure.