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Welcome to, a site dedicated to George Orwell. This site contains the complete works of George Orwell, as well as a biography, pictures and famous quotes.

H.P. Lovecraft Archive

HOWARD PHILLIPS LOVECRAFT (20 August 1890Ė15 March 1937) is probably best known as a writer of weird fiction, but some believe his voluminous correspondence to be his greatest accomplishment. You can explore his numerous facets through the many pages outlined here:

Iain Banks

The official site of Iain Banks, the author also known as Iain M. Banks

Ian McEwan

Website devoted to the British author Ian McEwan

International Virginia Woolf Society

The International Virginia Woolf Society is devoted to encouraging and facilitating the scholarly study of, critical attention to, and general interest in, the work and career of Virginia Woolf, and to facilitate ways in which all people interested in her writings--scholars, critics, teachers, students, and common readers--may learn from one another, meet together, contact each other, and help one another. Find out more about our organization, activities, and Virginia Woolf herself by following the links below.

Into the Wardrobe :: a C. S. Lewis web site

A comprehensive C. S. Lewis site that includes a daily quote, photographs, illustrations, scholarly papers, discussion forums, audio files, complete lists of literary works, and many other items of interest.

Irish Playography

A comprehensive database of new Irish plays produced professionally since 1904

J.K.Rowling Official Site - Harry Potter and more

Jump aboard the Hogwart Express to come on a fantastic adventure at the official JK Rowling Website. See what's on my desk. Read all about me, JK Rowling, and what inspired and still inspires the Harry Potter series. Read the very latest news. See what the latest rumours are and get all the gossip. There are hidden pieces of Potterania hidden all around the site.

James Joyce Centre

The James Joyce Centre is dedicated to promoting an understanding of the life and works of James Joyce. In doing so, the Centre strives to be an integral contributor to the network of institutions which celebrate Irelandís rich cultural heritage. The James Joyce Centre provides the casual visitor, student and scholar alike with a rewarding and memorable experience.

James Joyce: The Brazen Head

The Brazen Head is the Web's largest and most comprehensive general resource site for James Joyce.

Jane Austen and other authors violate what is taught in English classes

Singular "their" etc., was an accepted part of the English language before the 18th-century grammarians started making arbitrary judgements as to what is "good English" and "bad English", based on a kind of pseudo-"logic" deduced from the Latin language, that has nothing whatever to do with English.

Jeanette Winterson

The official site of the author includes poetry, short stories, a monthly column, journalism articles, excerpts from all her books, and links to interviews

JG Ballard

The definitive collection of links for information about British writer JG Ballard

Joe Orton

In his short but prolific career, Joe Orton amused audiences with his scandalous black comedies. This site explores the life and times of the man who made religion, sex and death outrageously funny.

Joseph Conrad Society

The Society's mission is to offer scholars, advanced students, and persons interested in the work and life of Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) an opportunity to share in the study and appreciation of this writer of worldwide reputation.

Julian Barnes

Official Website of British author Julian Barnes

Katherine Mansfield House

The Katherine Mansfield Birthplace is the childhood home of one of the world's best-known short story writers and New Zealand's most famous author. Here you can enjoy a virtual visit to this historic family home and garden, as well as discover the life and work of the writer herself.

Kipling Society

The Kipling Society is for everyone interested in the prose and verse, and life and times, of Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936). Best selling poet, children's author, novelist, supreme master of the short story, he enriched the English language with more memorable quotations than any other writer of his time.

Kurt Vonnegut

The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library champions the literary, artistic and cultural contributions of the late writer, artist, teacher and Indianapolis native Kurt Vonnegut.

Literary and Poetic Works and Famous Quotes

Contains literary works of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens etc. Also contains a huge collection of famous quotes.

Literary Encyclopedia

The Literary Encyclopedia is an authoritative, up-to-date reference work written by named scholars, most of whom are current university teachers. Its entries represent the state of the art in scholarly understanding and it grows in scale every week. Our aspiration is eventually to provide a scholarly description of every author and text read in the English-speaking world.

Literary Resources on the Net

This set of pages is a collection of links to sites on the Internet dealing especially with English and American literature, excluding most single electronic texts, and is limited to collections of information useful to academics -- I've excluded most poetry journals, for instance.

Martin Amis Web

Since its creation in 1995, the Martin Amis Web has been the authoritative resource for information about Amisís career and writing.

Organization For Community Networks Electronic Bookshelf

A large collection of online books and novels

Philip K. Dick - Science Fiction Author

Philip K. Dick Bibliographic Compilation
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