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Abbey Road Programs

Established in 2000 by Stanford University alumni, Abbey Road offers summer immersion programs for high school students in the United States, Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Canada. Abbey Road programs facilitate cross-cultural understanding and enrichment.

Aboriginal Languages of Australia

The Authoritative Internet Guide to Australian Indigenous Languages; part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library

Alphabets of the World

The World has many languages, and many different scripts as well. This site is dedicated to showing and explaining the many scripts and alphabets of the world.

Cross Cultural Communication

Useful phrases from all the world's major languages.

Digital Dialects Language Learning

Free to use interactive games for learning a variety of languages.

Foundation for Endangered Languages

The Foundation for Endangered Languages exists to support, enable and assist the documentation, protection and promotion of endangered languages.

Jumieka Lanwij - Jamaican Language

The world's first bilingual Jamaican/English site exploring the language continuum spoken by Jamaicans for over 300 years, using the Cassidy-LePage orthography. Sections include Dictionary, Vocabulary, Idioms, History and Orthography.

Language Automation

Directory of glossaries in many languages. is a global website that promotes learning a new language for free. Lingohut teacher English to over 43 different languages worldwide. Each language has over 105 English lessons. If you would like to change the Speakers language you can do so with the drop down box located under the LingoHut logo.

Lonweb- Everything to learn foreign languages... and more

All about foreign languages, 30,000+ selected links to as many as 400 different languages, online language courses, language sites evaluation, free advice on how to study, plus the first Internet library of multilingual parallel texts to let you learn faster and more effectively.


A handy online reference to over 160 alphabets, syllabaries and other writing systems.

Rosetta Project

The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers building a publicly accessible online archive of all documented human languages.

SIL International

SIL promotes training for ethnolinguistic minority communities as they develop the skills needed to conduct their own language-based development programs.


Terralingua supports the integrated protection, maintenance and restoration of the biocultural diversity of life the world's biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity through an innovative program of research, education, policy and on-the-ground action.

TUFS Language Modules

The "TUFS Language Modules" are just one of the accomplishments made by the 21st Century Center of Excellence (COE) Program "Usage-Based Linguistic Informatics" of Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. These modules provide groundbreaking multilingual web-based educational materials that are geared towards students who understand Japanese and are studying a foreign language for the first time. English materials, however, are targeted at elementary and junior high school students.

UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger

A site showing the endangered and extinct languages of the world.

Vistawide Language Resources

Resources for learning foreign languages, including language learning tips, reasons for learning a foreign language, career and job search information for speakers of foreign languages, language-specific resources for German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, and more.