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Abroad language exchange

Language for Exchange is a language community which allows people to make contact with those from other countries and organise their own exchanges.

busuu - online language learning

Busuu is an online language learning community, enabling users to connect via the web for free to native language speakers throughout the world.

Conversation Exchange

Online language learning community. You can meet native speakers worldwide and practice your second language for free.

EFL Bridges

Held twice weekly, the World Conversation Club is a webcast/Skypecast where English language learners and teachers can meet each other and engage in conversation. Sometimes we set specific topics, and other times we talk about whatever is on people's minds.

English Essentials

Learning English, unlimited voice chat. Our native English speakers are available 24 hours a day. Also the self study English Course with Sentence Templates will help you improve your English faster than traditional Grammar lessons. Gain confidence and speak English fluently NOW!


At EnglishRoleplay you can practice speaking English with people from around the world. You can speak about your life, college, travel, business, sport, jobs, music and many other topics.


gofluent delivers English training by telephone

How do you do? Conversation in English.

Find conversation partners easily and practice speaking English via text and video chat. We connect you to people who share your interests and suggest conversation topics. You can also make a lot of new friends with people from all over the world.

How do you do? Speak to learn languages.

How do you do? is a free website for finding conversation partners and practising speaking languages with real people from all over the world.

italki - Language Exchange and Learning Community is a website that helps people learn foreign languages. You can 1) Make friends to practice speaking a foreign language 2) Ask questions about learning a language 3) Answer questions other users may have about your language 4) Show what language you are studying on your profile 5) Post messages on a language wall to help you find language partners

Langademy language exchanges

Langademy is a language learning social network that connects language learners with native speakers around the world. Langademy provides language exchange room for most of the languages, where students can chat and make online video calls with native speakers.

Language Exchange practise foreign languages online with native speakers, play word games, save new words in your online vocabulary. All free.

Language Exchange Community

Find a language exchange partner to practice writing and speaking a foreign language via email, text chat and voice chat. Use free How-To guidelines and lesson plans from a language teacher specializing in language exchange to ensure effective practice.


This community lets you meet other people who want to speak and improve language skills. You can find your contact and chat using skype.

Polyglot Language Exchange Community

Search for people learning English and teaching a language you want to learn. Arrange correspondence through email or chat through MSN, yahoo or Skype.


In RWorld, you’ll find interactive games and activities that encourage conversation with others, all in a safe environment focused on language practice.

Shared Talk

Practice foreign languages with native speakers through language exchange. Meet people, chat, send messages, make friends and improve your language skills.

The Mixxer

The Mixxer is a free educational site for language learners and teachers to find a language partner for a language exchange.

TotaLingua - Find your Tandem language exchange partner

Find your Tandem Language Exchange Partner online and improve your language skills … Exchange your language …Speak with Foreign/Native students... Discover foreign cultures …


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