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Drews Fluency Lessons

This is an ESL web site for students to practice everyday English expressions and slang in common situations

English Flash Games for Learning Vocabulary

ENGLISH FLASH GAMES for Learning Vocabulary. Here you will find Flash games for learning English vocabulary: Hangman, Memory, Drag & Drop games...

English Gateway

Vocabulary topics based on contemporary readings written by Canadian authors introducing idiomatic language in a variety of contexts. Cultural notes and audio with each topic. Exercises (idioms, phrasal verbs, collocations) and online community.

English Language Roots - The Meanings of Word Prefixes, Suffixes & Syllables

The site contains a chart of Latin, Greek and other Roots that, by their use as prefixes, suffixes and syllables, make up the majority of English language words. This handy reference is useful for figuring out the meanings of words and their roots. For each root, the meaning and examples are provided.

English Nation

I created this website to provide flash cards that are accompanied by audio and visual. Once you have memorized the cards, you can go back and quiz yourself by blocking the word and muting the sound.


Multilanguage vocabulary learning site

Example Metaphors, Analogies and Similes

A example metaphors, analogies and similes for students, writers and all who enjoy figurative language. Free course + book for sale.

Free Rice

Practise English vocabulary for free and for each word you get right, we donate 10 Grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world hunger.


Compare the frequency of words or phrases in Google

InsideStory Flashcards

Free printable ESL flash cards with photographs

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun

Improve your vocabulary while having fun. Free Flash word games including Hangman, Word search, Match Game, The Vocabulary Quiz.


Vocabulary game powered by Cambridge Dictionaries that makes learning new words fun, social and fast.

Listening Vocabulary

Listening practice

Vocabulary Activities for Beginners. Javascript Crosswords and Word-Searches. Some help for hispanics.

Metaphor Examples

Metaphor examples, essays, tutorials, lessons and tests for use by students and teachers.

Online Picture Dictionary

Online Picture Dictionary, view pictures and listen to their sounds. A site for students of English to review or discover vocabulary.


Quizlet is the largest flash card and study games website to memorize vocabulary and study online.

SAT Vocabulary at Flocabulary

SAT-level vocabulary words in Hip-Hop music to help students learn.

Simple Label Me! Printout

Simple Label Me! Elementary-level Printouts. Read the definitions then label the diagrams.

The Compleat Lexical Tutor

Data driven language learning on the web.


Sure-fire vocabulary builder covers the 7,000 most used and useful words. Words are introduced in context using classical literature and systematically reinforced to produce retention rates in excess of 90%.

Vocab Vitamins

Your word of the day, every morning in your inbox. And the follow up tools to make each word stick. Each tool on our site is carefully calibrated to ease new words into your mind, and to restore the ones that have slipped away. Our feature rich English language supplements will deepen your vocabulary while providing an engaging diversion that moves along at your individual pace.

Vocabulary Coach

Improve your English vocabulary through fun and games. includes over 4,000 vocabulary words that have been shown to repeatedly appear on tests such as the SAT, ACT, and GRE. Or, simply improve your English vocabulary to help you become more productive at the office, to help you better understand the news, and to help you get more pleasure from reading English literature. is free, simple, and easy to use.

Vocabulary Improvement Tool

VocabMaster is a vocabulary builder. Its purpose is to provide you with the most comprehensive source available for expanding your vocabulary.

Vocabulary learning games

Using pictures, sounds and games to strengthen the memory of English words.
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