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"Cool" language quizzes

"Cool" language quizzes. Test your knowledge of the origins of English words. Can you beat the average score?

A.S.S.- Acronyms Sometimes Suck

This is a blog about unfortunate acronyms and initialisms.

Acronym Finder

Searchable database of primarily computer, technology and military acronyms and abbreviations. Includes the Acronym Finder Random Systematic Buzz Phrase Projector Acronym Generator (AFRSBPPAG)

Acronym server

You can search here for acronyms and for words used in acronyms. An acronym is a label formed from the beginnings of words (Greek: acro [head] and nym [word]) -- or very rarely, from letters in the middle of words. There is no requirement that an acronym be pronounceable as a normal word (this is a curious myth perpetuated by American dictionaries): IBM is just as much an acronym as LASER.

All Trivia Game

Interactive quiz based on the TV trivia game show "Who wants to be a millionaire?". Contains multiple question sets so you can try your luck more than once.

Apostrophe Catastrophes

The Worlds' Worst. Punctuation;

Banished words

Lake Superior State University Word Banishment selection committee annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness.

Blank- the game of long words

A word game that shows how longer words are built up from simple roots. The whole class can play at the same time. The letters are selected from a special fun device sold with the game. Blank improves vocabulary, spelling and grammar.


How the non-word 'dord' got into a dictionary.

Eggcorn Database

This site collects unusual spellings of a particular kind, which have come to be called eggcorns. Typical examples include free reign (instead of free rein) or hone in on (instead of home in on), and many more or less common reshapings of words and expressions: a word or part of a word is semantically reanalyzed, and the spelling reflects the new interpretation.

English Tongue Twisters

These are a series of Tongue Twisters that I created recently as a fun exercise/ drill to use in lessons or as a warm-up with young learners and grown-ups alike.


A site collecting bad English used, especially in Japan

Fun With Words

A web site that celebrates every sort of wordplay, language games, crazy word lists, hilarious headlines, ambiguous quotes, word puzzles, and everything to do with language that makes us laugh. Come and explore the lighter side of English.

Golden Errors

A collection of funny mistakes made by students.

International Tongue Twisters

Welcome to the world's largest collection of tongue twisters!

Language Is A Virus

Writing toys, games, & gizmoz to inspire your creativity

Leet Translator

Try this l33t translator. Type in here, and see the words translate to l33t.

Nym Words

Don't know your acronyms from your antonyms or your aptronyms from your autonyms? Confused about what tautonyms and toponyms are? You'll find them all here, from homonyms and hypernyms to eponyms and exonyms. We will guide you through explanations of each term, with helpful examples. Never again will you be perplexed by patronyms, confused by contronyms (contranyms), baffled by bacronyms, or stumped by synonyms.

Peter Blinn's Curious Notions

Odd, little-known facts about languages, various trivia, and trick poetry -- lipograms, clerihews and double-dactyls.

Phobia List

This is an indexed listing of The Phobia List. All the phobia names on this list have been found in some reference book.

Proofreader's Hallof Shame

A light-hearted, irreverent collection comprising some of the most noticeable (and notable) typographical errors and slip-ups that we�ve come across in print, on the web, on signs, on TV, and, well, pretty much anywhere else that we could manage to find them.


A Celebration of the English Language- We use it every day, but we never learn all there is to know about it, nor do we ever finish mining all the pleasure that can be had with it. The English language is fraught with fun. What's the longest English word whose letters are arranged in alphabetical order? What words are their own antonyms? What word means "to cause a frog or toad to fly up in the air"? These questions and many more are answered in Fun With Words.

Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator

Automatically generate humorous complaint letters. Just tell it whom to complain about, and the automatic complaint-letter generator will do the rest. A different letter every time!

The Postmodernist Generator

Generate meaningless post-modernist essays here. An interesting site.
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