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Lingro is a site that offers a useful translation tool. Enter the URL of a site or page, then choose the language you want to translate words into and you can click on the words you don't know and bring up a pop-up box with a translation.

Here's a version of the homepage of this blog set to translate words into Spanish. It also allows you to save the words you have clicked on and to create lists of words that you would like to learn from them. There are also games and you can edit and add to the dictionaries. At the moment, they have dictionaries in English, Spanish, French, German and Polish, though I assume other languages will be added as it gets more popular. This is a site worth checking out if you speak one of these languages.

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excellent tool :_)

Our members use lingro all the time.

Judy and Harold

online translation

A very nice help from you when I spent my leisure time on net I see various site which looks interesting to me but I could not read the matter as it was written on some different languages. From quite some time I am using a online translation site but it hardly makes a difference it is better for those who want to be perfectionist. But as far as I am concern I only wanted to translate in English.

Thank you Tdol,I was really using another online tools,I tried and I can say It's what I was looking for to improve my English skills ...Thank you for the share.

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