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We will delete any ESL job adverts that appear in our forum. Our forum is for language discussions and not a free place to advertise jobs.

As we cannot vet the jobs advertised, it is simpler to delete the posts and ban people if they do this repeatedly. While the posters may consider that their advertising is relevant to an ESL site, we have no way of guaranteeing that their posts contain accurate information and regard it as spam. If people want to advertise jobs, they should do so on sites that have recruitment sections.

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Using English is has become on of the main feature in the developing countries of the world.Because it is the language which is widely used as one of the understandable language.
Job Opportunities

I am due to sit a full time CETL course very soon in London. I will be taking the qualification with me to Shenzen, China where I will be working and living for approx 2 years. I am new to this site and forums in general and am looking for ways of gathering useful information and tips on teaching english and / or living and working in asia.



There is a wonderful video names "Iron and Silk" about a young man who wanted to teach in China. It gives wonderful insight as to how China views the rest of the world.

Be prepared to step out of your westernized shoes: Asian mindset is nothing as we think. They will expect you to join the group rather than remain an individual. There is no place for that.

There may be many behaviors by both students and faculty that will shock you. Things that we don't accept in our school systems are daily occurrences in theirs.

Although my experience is over 15 years ago, it is one that I will forever cherish. I wish you all the best.

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