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Jed Webb graduated from Durham university and qualified as a teacher in 1967.

He worked in ELT for 20 years, in atate and private language schools and universities in China, Czechia, England, Estonia, Germany, Oman and Turkey as a teacher, teacher trainer, course director, director of studies, principa, writer and examiner (UCLES and IELTS). He also taught Modern Languages for 25 years in schools and adult education institutes in England.

He co-authored one book* and was contributing editor on four course books and student grammars published in Germany and Estonia. He contributed articles to several journals and magazines, including Education Today and The British Journal of Language Teaching, and delivered papers at seminars in Germany, China, Czechia, Estonia and Latvia.

He holds qualifications in teaching and EFL/ESOL from Exeter University, the College of Preceptors,, Trinity College London and the City and Guilds of London Institute; and in phonetics from the Inernational Phonetics Association.

Jed has had a lifelong interest in English grammar and phonetics, and, since his retirement from active teaching, has submitted thousands of responses to several English language forums, principally, His primary interest in grammar is the significance of distancing in the English tense systém. He has written several artcles on this, and on conditional sentences in English for

Jed is also interested in road safety education, and has been a cycling proficiency instructor, certified motor cycle instructor and approved driving instructor in the UK.

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