English Quiz: Purpose- For, To & So That

Topic: General

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - I invited them both ____ they wouldn't feel left out.
Q2 - She's going there ____ finalize the contract.
Q3 - Shall we have a break ____ lunch?
Q4 - What do I need to get ____dinner?
Q5 - I sort my rubbish ____ recycling.
Q6 - I took it back to the shop___ get a replacement.
Q7 - We left early ____ we wouldn't be late.
Q8 - He's gone travelling ____ find himself.
Q9 - Take some sandwiches ____ eat on the way.
Q10 - You need a licence ____ drive.
Q11 - I'm leaving a bit early today ____ avoid the rush hour queues.
Q12 - I phoned them ____ complain.
Q13 - She's gone outside ____ a cigarette.
Q14 - I'm going to town ____ buy a pair of shoes.
Q15 - We took the train ____ we could work on the way.
Q16 - They're going to Spain ____ a holiday.

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