English Quiz: Passive (2)

Topic: Passive

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - It has been drawn to my attention that some staff are leaving early on Friday. This shall stop
Q2 - It is supposed to be really good
Q3 - The bridge is being widened
Q4 - The Prime Minister is rumoured to be about to resign
Q5 - It might get done
Q6 - The pills should be taken after meals
Q7 - My wallet was stolen
Q8 - Jenny was born in North Yorkshire
Q9 - 'Catch 22' was written by Joseph Heller
Q10 - It is said to be the best restaurant in the area
Q11 - The government was elected last year
Q12 - The painting was sold for a fortune
Q13 - I was born in 1969
Q14 - The letters are posted at five o'clock every day

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