Quiz: Present Perfect Simple & Progressive

Topic: Present Perfect

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - I've been reading the book for weeks now

Q2 - She's gone to Madrid

Q3 - He's been to Paris

Q4 - She's been living in that flat for ten years

Q5 - Look at the ashtray- someone's been smoking in here!

Q6 - I've just sent the reply

Q7 - She's been to Jamaica

Q8 - I haven't seen the film yet

Q9 - You still haven't done that work

Q10 - He's been working in London for six months

Q11 - He's taken his driving test seven times

Q12 - I've been trying to get through to you all morning

Q13 - Haven't you finished the letter yet?

Q14 - Has Pauline arrived?

Q15 - He's been looking for a job for ages

Q16 - Have you ever eaten snails?

Q17 - I've just seen that film you were talking about

Q18 - I've learnt a lot about computers this year

Q19 - Haven't you finished that yet?

Q20 - I've been waiting for the last two hours

Q21 - I've lived around here all my life

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