English Quiz: Present Simple & Progressive- 2

Topic: Present Simple

Level: Beginner

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - He's working for his Father
Q2 - Take the third road on the left
Q3 - I don't like tea with sugar
Q4 - Manchester United are winning two-zero
Q5 - I don't drive
Q6 - She's losing weight
Q7 - Do you buy a lot of CDs?
Q8 - I'm leaving for Amsterdam on the last flight
Q9 - Have you got any free time when we could talk?
Q10 - I take milk in coffee
Q11 - I like the film
Q12 - I have breakfast at a quarter past seven
Q13 - She's having a child
Q14 - John's waiting for you in reception
Q15 - She's got two daughters
Q16 - She's always blowing her nose
Q17 - I don't understand
Q18 - My neighbours are always playing their music too loud
Q19 - She lives in a small village

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