Quiz: PET Writing (Part 1)

Topic: General

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: These sentences are similar to the transformations in part 1 of the writing section of the PET exam.

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Q1 - There are three cinemas in the complex

Q2 - The doctor has three evening sessions

Q3 - The new supermarket is cheaper than the old one.

Q4 - The town has two old markets

Q5 - Private colleges are more expensive than state ones

Q6 - There are two rugby teams at their school

Q7 - Somebody took a lot of pictures at the party

Q8 - Newspapers are cheaper than magazines

Q9 - The policeman asked him to open his bag

Q10 - The new hospital has more beds than the old one

Q11 - Everybody liked the film

Q12 - You should take the pills before meals

Q13 - There are thousands of great paintings in the National Gallery

Q14 - There are five churches in the town

Q15 - She makes more money than her husband

Q16 - 'You've got an exam on Monday,' the teacher told the class

Q17 - She's got more videos than I have

Q18 - London had three million visitors last year

Q19 - The Underground is cheaper than taxis

Q20 - There's a supermarket in the shopping centre

Q21 - She has completed more courses than her brother

Q22 - The book is more interesting than the film

Q23 - There are lots of new films in the video shop

Q24 - He's lived there all his life

Q25 - She spends more than she earns

Q26 - She started work for ICI three years ago

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