Quiz: Phrasal Verbs - Cut

Topic: Phrasal Verbs

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - My phone was cut .... last week because I forgot to pay the bill

Q2 - The engine cut ....... and wouldn't start again

Q3 - She cut ...... smoking from twenty cigarettes a day to ten

Q4 - The tree was blocking light from the living room so I cut it .....

Q5 - The Government has cut ....... a lot of its spending plans

Q6 - My wife always cuts the crossword ....... the newspaper so that it doesn't get thrown away before she's finished

Q7 - If the deal's successful should we cut him ..... it and give him a share?

Q8 - His hand was cut ....... in the accident

Q9 - Those kids are making too much noise; could you tell them to cut it .....

Q10 - Do you think you are really cut ....... a job that involves such responsibility. I think you're too gentle for it

Q11 - Her doctor told her to cut all animal fat ........ her diet completely

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