English Quiz: Phrasal Verbs - Work

Topic: Phrasal Verbs

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - She gets very worked ..... and loses her temper easily if she doesn't win
Q2 - She doesn't like the idea, but if we work ..... her, she might change her mind
Q3 - The company's working all its employees ...... death
Q4 - It took her three years to work ....... her debts after university, but now she doesn't owe anyone anything at all
Q5 - After work we go to the gym and work .......
Q6 - She spent a couple of hours working ....... the answers to the crossword puzzle
Q7 - My daughter spent twenty minutes working ...... the answer to a maths question
Q8 - She gets very stressed up and goes running in order to work ..... all her negative energy
Q9 - Are you still working ..... the same design or have you finished it?
Q10 - She's been working ..... the project for three years and still hasn't found the answer
Q11 - Calculating your tax bill is very difficult; I can never work it .......
Q12 - It took me ages to work ....... the answer to the question
Q13 - The thieves attacked him and worked him ...... violently

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