English Quiz: Lose & Miss

Topic: Vocabulary

Level: Beginner

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - I ____ the train this morning.
Q2 - I ____ many things living so far from home.
Q3 - I ____ the call because I went to the shops.
Q4 - I ____ my way and took hours to find the house.
Q5 - I ____ a lot of lectures while I was ill.
Q6 - We ____ the turning and drove straight on for miles.
Q7 - She ____ the point of what they were saying.
Q8 - My dog got out of the garden and went _____ for hours.
Q9 - He ____ a lot of money gambling.
Q10 - My bag is ____- I left it there by the door.
Q11 - He ____ two matches because he was injured.

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