Quiz: Idioms- Colours\Colors

Topic: Idioms

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - They caught the thief ____-handed.

Q2 - He got really angry and started screaming ____ murder.

Q3 - She was ____ with anger.

Q4 - I'm overdrawn again- my account's in the ____.

Q5 - The news came out of the ____- it was a real shock to us all.

Q6 - I only ever go there once in a ____ moon.

Q7 - When your bank account's in credit, you are in the ____.

Q8 - It's his first week in the job, so he's really ____.

Q9 - He got angry, the ____ mist came down, and then there was trouble.

Q10 - I was ____ with envy.

Q11 - It was a ____ day for me when I lost my job.

Q12 - A ____ letter day is a special one.

Q13 - A person who is very concerned about the environment is ____.

Q14 - A coward is ____.

Q15 - Forms, paperwork and bureaucracy are sometimes called ___ tape.

Q16 - A ____-eyed boy is somebody's favourite and given preferential treatment.

Q17 - Somebody who is expected to achieve a lot is a great ____ hope.

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