English Quiz: And & But

Topic: Conjunctions

Level: Beginner

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - In winter, it is cold ____ wet.
Q2 - I couldn't really afford it, ____ I bought it.
Q3 - It was a very long day ____ I was tired by the end of it.
Q4 - It's an old black ____ white film.
Q5 - It was an easy test ____ I failed.
Q6 - She tried hard ____ managed to do it.
Q7 - The dog looks friendly ____ he's dangerous.
Q8 - I didn't like the idea ____ agreed to do it.
Q9 - My application was late ____ they rejected it.
Q10 - It cost a lot of money ____ I was very disappointed because it didn't work properly.
Q11 - He's a fair ____ unpleasant man.
Q12 - I was grateful for their help, ____ a bit embarrassed at having to ask to borrow the money.

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