Quiz: So & So That

Topic: General

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - It was late ____ I went home.

Q2 - It was very expensive ____ I didn't buy it.

Q3 - He spoke slowly ____ they could write everything down.

Q4 - I posted it a couple of days ago, ____ they should have received it by now.

Q5 - It was ____ I couldn't complete it.

Q6 - We were silent ____ as not to wake the baby.

Q7 - It was raining, ____ I took an umbrella with me.

Q8 - I was disappointed because I had tried ____ hard.

Q9 - I wrote the number down ____ I wouldn't forget it.

Q10 - The test was very easy, ____ everyone passed.

Q11 - They made the test very easy ____ everyone would pass.

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