English Quiz: Begin & Start

Topic: Vocabulary

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - My car wouldn't ____ this morning, so I had to come by bus.
Q2 - It ____ off well, but I soon got bored.
Q3 - Losing the contract was the ____ of the end of his career.
Q4 - They ____ up with the same old complaints at the meeting.
Q5 - The story ____ with a murder.
Q6 - She kept stopping and ____ her presentation.
Q7 - The book was very technical and I couldn't ____ to understand what it was about.
Q8 - She got angry and ____ off at me because I hadn't finished on time.
Q9 - They fire a gun to indicate the ____ of the race.
Q10 - The race ____ at three o'clock.

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