Quiz: Grammar Check

Topic: General

Level: Beginner

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - We usually add an apostrophe + s to a noun to make it plural.

Q2 - We normally use the present perfect with "yesterday".

Q3 - We only use "will" to talk about the future.

Q4 - We make modal verbs negative with "don't/doesn't".

Q5 - Adjectives modify nouns.

Q6 - We don't use "the" with uncountable nouns.

Q7 - "Enough" usually comes after a noun.

Q8 - We write the names of the seasons with a capital letter for the first letter.

Q9 - The plural of "this" is "those".

Q10 - "Me" is a subject pronoun.

Q11 - Adverbs can modify adjectives.

Q12 - Modal verbs have past participles.

Q13 - 'Too big' and 'very big' are exactly the same in meaning.

Q14 - We normally use an object pronoun after a preposition.

Q15 - 'Be' is a linking verb.

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