English Quiz: Mixed Modals 2

Topic: Modals

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - You've been working hard all day- you ____ be tired.
Q2 - The restaurant is always empty- it ____ be much good.
Q3 - I know I left it on my desk and it's not there now. Someone ____ it.
Q4 - That ____ be true- she would never say something like that.
Q5 - Do you think you ____ open the door for me?
Q6 - I haven't made up my mind about my holiday yet, but I ____ go to Laos.
Q7 - You ____ have told me you were going to take it! I was looking everywhere for it.
Q8 - ____ you both be happy.
Q9 - I don't believe you- you ____ be joking.
Q10 - They're still missing, so they ____ have died.

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