Quiz: Idioms- Clothes

Topic: Idioms

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - If the gloves are off, people start to behave in a more civilised and polite manner.

Q2 - If you are wearing very smart clothes, you are dressed to the ____.

Q3 - If someone has deep pockets, they are ____.

Q4 - A feather in your cap is an achievement or success that may well help you in the future.

Q5 - If you keep something secret, you keep it under your ____.

Q6 - If people are hand in glove, they are always fighting or arguing.

Q7 - If the ____ fits, wear it.

Q8 - If you have a trick up your sleeve, you have an urgent problem to sort out.

Q9 - If you say you'll eat your ____, you don't believe that something is going to happen.

Q10 - If you fly by the seat of your pants, you do something easily because you are familiar with it.

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