English Quiz: Many or Many of

Topic: Adjectives and Adverbs

Level: Beginner

Instructions: Which is correct?

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Q1 - ____ families have more than one car nowadays.
Q2 - ____ the people there were disappointed.
Q3 - ___ them were late.
Q4 - There were ____ people without tickets.
Q5 - How ____ us have the time to do it?
Q6 - I've thought about them ____ times.
Q7 - Yes, ____ us were angry about it.
Q8 - ____ those who were there liked it.
Q9 - How ____ times have I told you?
Q10 - There weren't ____ the cakes left at the end of the party.
Q11 - How _____ you were there?
Q12 - How ____ people were there?
Q13 - How ____ the people there enjoyed it?

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