English Quiz: By or Until?

Topic: Prepositions

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Two words that are often confused by learners. Test your knowledge here.

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Q1 - I'll keep phoning ____ you pay me.
Q2 - It's open from 7am ____ 5pm.
Q3 - It must be finished ____ Friday afternoon.
Q4 - She'll be staying at the hotel ____ Friday.
Q5 - She'll be here at five, ___ which time you mustn't leave the room.
Q6 - I'll be ready ____ the time you get here.
Q7 - I'll stay here ____ five o'clock.
Q8 - She'll be here at five, ___ which time I expect you to have finished the work
Q9 - I'll have it ready ____ four o'clock at the latest.
Q10 - ____ the time I get to Phoenix, she'll be getting up.
Q11 - We’d better wait ____ Tony's here.
Q12 - She had promised to be back ____ five o'clock.
Q13 - The application must be in ____ the 1st.
Q14 - Don't move ____ I tell you.
Q15 - Once he starts a decorating job he won't stop ____ it's finished.

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