Quiz: So, Too & Very

Topic: Adjectives and Adverbs

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - The coffee was ____ hot that I couldn't drink it.

Q2 - The coffee was ____ hot to drink.

Q3 - The bus was ____ crowded.

Q4 - There were far ____ many people there.

Q5 - It was ____ good that I rushed out and bought it.

Q6 - It cost ____ much.

Q7 - ____ many people think the way I do.

Q8 - He was ___rude that I lost my temper.

Q9 - Was it ____ expensive to buy?

Q10 - It cost ___ much that I didn't buy it.

Q11 - If he doesn't stop being ____ rude, I'm going to lose my temper.

Q12 - We can use the structure- very + adjective + infinitive.


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