Quiz: Each & Every

Topic: General

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer

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Q1 - I go there every ____.

Q2 - There were cars parked on ____ side of the street.

Q3 - They looked at each ____.

Q4 - Everybody ____ there.

Q5 - I looked in ____ classroom, but couldn't find her.

Q6 - They're always phoning one ____.

Q7 - I spoke to ____ of the delegates there.

Q8 - ____ to his or her own.

Q9 - The phone was engaged ____ time I tried it.

Q10 - I spoke to ____ of them.

Q11 - I spoke to ____ of them.

Q12 - ____ step of the way was a struggle.

Q13 - Read ____ of the instructions carefully.

Q14 - I enjoyed ____ minute of the film.

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