English Quiz: Another, Other & Others

Topic: General

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - You take the new ones and I'll take ____.
Q2 - They gazed into each _____ eyes.
Q3 - I'd like _____ cup of tea, please.
Q4 - They love one ____- they're such a happy family.
Q5 - The ____ people were shocked.
Q6 - Many _____ people have said the same.
Q7 - I've told Pablo, but I haven't told the _____ yet. I'll tell them when I see them.
Q8 - I won't let them do that to me ____ time.
Q9 - One person's peach is ____ person's poison.
Q10 - I saw her ____ day.
Q11 - I took the ____ book back to the library.
Q12 - Some ____ people have taken it.
Q13 - I go there every ____ day.

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