Quiz: Editing

Topic: General

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Which word is wrong?

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Q1 - I have decided a few days ago.

Q2 - The others people were on time.

Q3 - I did it so as that not to damage it.

Q4 - Alka, who's on holiday at the moment, she is my neighbour.

Q5 - I work the all day long.

Q6 - They reached to the station before I could.

Q7 - I was born in the seventies and like that kind of a music.

Q8 - I had a most enjoyable day at the races because of I won.

Q9 - The most people enjoy watching it all.

Q10 - I saw her in last week.

Q11 - He asked me for to do it.

Q12 - I don't know whether she'll do it or not to.

Q13 - It's the time that we left.

Q14 - I have decided last year.

Q15 - I would have take it if I were you.

Q16 - It's a long time since that I went there.

Q17 - It's five to three hours.

Q18 - She's much more better than he is.

Q19 - I picked it up the phone.

Q20 - I was surpised to see that even if Taka was there.

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