Answer Sheet: Word order

Q1 - Every day
I go every day there.
I go there every day
Either could be used here.

Q2 - Fluently
I want to speak English fluently.
I want to speak fluently English .

Q3 - Since
He's been since three o'clock here.
He's been here since three o'clock.

Q4 - Probably
I probably won't have time to do it.
I won't probably have time to do it.

Q5 - Never
I've never met her.
I've met her never.

Q6 - There
I went last week there.
I went there last week.

Q7 - Own
I did it on my own.
I did on my own it.

Q8 - Often
Do you come here often?
Do often you come here?

Q9 - Hard
He worked hard all week.
He worked all week hard.

Q10 - Well
The computer system worked well.
The computer system well worked.

Q11 - On the radio
It was this morning on the radio.
It was on the radio this morning.

Q12 - Where
Could you tell me where is she?
Could you tell me where she is?

Q13 - Just
I just have done it.
I have just done it.

Q14 - Seldom _____ seen such a mess.
I have
have I

Q15 - Recently
I haven't recently spoken to her.
I haven't spoken to her recently.

Q16 - Soon
We'll have the answer soon.
We'll have soon the answer.