Answer Sheet

Q1 - I didn't do ____ to pass.
enough well
well enough
Q2 - Is there ____ to go round?
enough beer
beer enough
Q3 - It's ____ to go to the beach today.
enough hot
hot enough
Q4 - I found the exam _____.
enough easy
easy enough
Q5 - They didn't sell ____.
enough tickets
tickets enough
Q6 - If it isn't ____, you'll have to redo it.
enough good
good enough
Q7 - The flat isn't _____ for them now they've got a child.
enough big
big enough
Q8 - It's ____ without you making things worse.
enough hard
hard enough
Q9 - There weren't _____ them.
enough of
Q10 - They weren't ____.
enough quick
quick enough
Q11 - If ____ come, it'll be great.
enough people
people enough
Q12 - It'll finish ____.
enough soon
soon enough
Q13 - If enough ____ people there agree to do it, it'll be fantastic.
of the

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