Order of Adjectives

Answer Sheet

Q1 - I bought a pair of _____ shoes.
black leather
leather black
Q2 - It was a ____ car.
red fast
fast red
Q3 - It's a ____ building.
big round
round big
Q4 - I bought ____ knife.
a Swiss army
an army Swiss
Q5 - It's ____ film.
a beautiful old
an old beautiful
Q6 - He's ____ man.
an unfriendly rich
a rich unfriendly
Q7 - It's ____ phone.
a mobile expensive
an expensive mobile
Q8 - It's ____ village.
an old lovely
a lovely old
Q9 - The ____ visitors were Japanese.
two last
last two
Q10 - He's got ____ eyes.
blue big
big blue
Q11 - It's a ____ house.
nice new
new nice
Q12 - It's ____ airline.
a popular American
an American popular
Q13 - It's ____ company
a family old
an old family
Q14 - It's a ____ restaurant.
cheap good
good cheap

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