Answer Sheet

Q1 - He's just arrived
He arrived on his own
He arrived a short time ago
Q2 - There was just the matter of him paying back the outstanding mount of the loan
The loan had been paid back fully
The loan hadn't been paid back yet
Q3 - I had just a cup of coffee for breakfast
The speaker only had coffee
The speaker drank the coffee recently
Q4 - He's just a child
He was born recently
The speaker feels sorry for him
Q5 - She only just passed the exam
The exam was not a long time ago
We don't know when she took the exam
Q6 - Just you wait and see
The speaker knows what's going to happen
The speaker has no idea what will happen
Q7 - He only just passed
His result was not very good
His result was very good
Q8 - I've just seen him
Isaw him yesterday
He was here a few minutes ago
Q9 - Just three people came
The speaker thought that more would come
The speaker thought that three would come
Q10 - Just two students turned up
They arrived a couple of minutes ago
The speaker expected more students to come
Q11 - The temperature of the pool's just right
The temperature is very nearly OK
The temperature's perfect
Q12 - She's very just with her staff
She's not got many staff
She's fair with the staff
Q13 - Just do it!
The speaker is giving a strong order
The speaker has finished doing it
Q14 - She only just managed to get there in time
She thought she was going to be late
She was the only person who arrived in time
Q15 - He came in and just took the wallet
This happened recently
The speaker is surprised
Q16 - I just love your jacket!
The speaker wants to emphasise how much they like the jacket.
The speaker only likes the jacket and dislikes the rest of the outfit.
The speaker likes the jacket but doesn't like the person wearing it.

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