Answer Sheet: Futures

Q1 - I'll have the chicken
The person has wanted to eat chicken all day
The person has decided to eat chicken now

Q2 - I'm seeing him tonight
The speaker intends to see him tonight
The speaker has already arranged to see him tonight

Q3 - I'm seeing the dentist tomorrow
The speaker intends to see the dentist
The speaker has already made an appointment

Q4 - John's going to take me to the airport
This has already been discussed with John
The speaker assumes John will take them

Q5 - I think I'll stay in and watch TV this evening
This is unplanned
This is planned

Q6 - He'll be there at nine o'clock
We know his movements and can make an assumption about where he will be
He is planning to be there at nine o'clock

Q7 - Are you doing anything tonight?
The speaker is just making polite conversation
The speaker wants to know if the person has any plans as she or he is interested in doing something with them

Q8 - Next month I'll be forty
This is the speaker's intention
The speaker has no control over this

Q9 - You will do it or else!
The speaker is giving an instruction
The speaker is making a threat

Q10 - I know, I'll phone Jack and ask his opinion
The speaker has just thought of asking Jack
The speaker thought of asking Jack earlier

Q11 - Are you going to fly or go by train?
The speaker believes the person has probably already decided
The speaker believes the person has not decided yet