Answer Sheet

Q1 - No sooner ____ than I realised what was going on.
had I arrived
I had arrived
Q2 - Not until ...
had I got home, I remembered.
I had got home, I remembered.
I had got home, did I remember.
Q3 - Just as _____ leaving, the phone rang.
I was
was I
Q4 - Only by calling them every hour of the day _____ to get what I wanted.
did I manage
I managed
Q5 - Since ____ known her, we've never argued.
I have
have I
Q6 - Seldom _____ seen such a mess.
I have
have I
Q7 - Only when ...
I phoned did I hear what had happened.
did I phone I heard what had happened.
I phoned I heard had what happened.
Q8 - So ____ said, so little done.
was much
much was
Q9 - So good ____ that he got the highest grade possible.
his marks were
were his marks
Q10 - Never ____ heard such an appalling speech.
I have
have I

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