Answer Sheet: Indirect Questions

Q1 - I have no idea ____.
where she's
where she is
where is she

Q2 - Could you tell me ____ gone?
where she's
where is she
where has she

Q3 - I asked them where ____ going.
were they
they were

Q4 - Can you tell me how much ____ cost?
will it
it will

Q5 - Do you have any idea how long ____ me to do it?
did it take
it took
took it

Q6 - Has she told you whether ____ help?
will she
she will

Q7 - Can you explain why ____ so expensive?
is it

Q8 - She asked me where ____ from.
do I come
come I
I come

Q9 - I was wondering why ____ take the train; it'll be quicker.
don't we
we don't

Q10 - Can you remember _____?
what did she say
what she said