Answer Sheet: Even

Q1 - Everyone was there; ____ came.
even Sam
Sam even

Q2 - I bought it ____ it cost more than I could afford to spend.
even if
even though

Q3 - The dinner was terrible so I ____ ate a little.

Q4 - I'll do it ____ it kills me.
even if

Q5 - She's a workaholic; ____ works on Sundays.
even she
she even

Q6 - ____ could do it- it's easy.
Even a child
A child even

Q7 - I tried everything to contact her; ____ rang her mum.
even I
I even

Q8 - He eats anything- ____ ate spiders when we were travelling.
even he
he even

Q9 - He refused to admit he was wrong, ____ he was shown the evidence.
when even
even when

Q10 - ____ it was shocking, I found it very funny.
Even though