Answers:Word order

Answer Sheet

Q1 - Rarely
Rarely I have done it.
I have rarely done it
Q2 - Yesterday
I yesterday saw them.
I saw them yesterday .
Q3 - Where
I don't know where they are.
I don't know where are they.
Q4 - Always
He has always done his best.
He has done always his best.
Q5 - Never
I never have said that.
Never have I said that.
Q6 - Same
We heard the same thing all night.
We heard all night the same thing.
Q7 - Seldom
I have done seldom it.
I have done it seldom.
Q8 - Just
I have managed to finish it in just time.
I have managed to finish it just in time.
Q9 - Only
It was only the thing that I did.
It was the only thing that I did.
Q10 - Yet
I have yet to finish.
I have to yet finish.

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