Answer Sheet

Q1 - If you'd asked her, she could've gone with us.
She will go.
She might go.
She didn't go.
Q2 - If I'd had the opportunity, I would have done a degree.
I have the opportunity.
I don't have the opportunity.
I had the opportunity.
I didn't have the opportunity.
Q3 - If I had her phone number, I'd ring her.
I have her number.
I don't have her number.
I had her number.
I didn't have her number.
Q4 - If I watch this show, I'll be bored.
I have watched it.
I want to watch it.
I don't want to watch it.
I didn't watch it.
Q5 - If I'd sold it you, I'd be rich now.
I sold it.
I didn't sell it.
Q6 - If they'd eaten their dinner, they wouldn't be hungry.
They are hungry.
They aren't hungry.
Q7 - If I'd married Katie, we would have been happy.
I married Katie.
I didn't marry Katie.
I might marry Katie.
Q8 - If I bought an MP3 Player, I could get rid of my CDs.
I will buy an MP3.
I might buy an MP3.
I have bought an MP3.
Q9 - If I moved to Australia, I could get a better job.
I will move to Australia.
I have moved to Australia.
I am going to move to Australia.
I might move to Australia.
Q10 - If the computer crashes, you'll lose any unsaved work.
The computer has crashed.
The computer will crash.
The computer could crash.

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