Answer Sheet: Passive

Q1 - Wine ____ grapes.
is made by
is made from
Either could be used here.

Q2 - The bridge _____.
is still built
is still being built

Q3 - These shoes ____ of leather.
are made
were made

Q4 - I can't see it- it must ____.
be taken
have been taken

Q5 - Their house ____ last week.
was bought
has been bought

Q6 - Do you think the project _____ by Friday?
will be finished
is finished

Q7 - The tablets _____ with food.
must take
must be taken

Q8 - It ____ by courier this morning.
was sent
is sent

Q9 - It _____ with at the moment.
is dealt
is being dealt

Q10 - It ____ last week.
should be done
should have been done

Q11 - It ____ Mexico.
is imported to
is imported from

Q12 - It ____ next week.
is been published
is being published

Q13 - It ____ by next Friday.
has been done
has to be done

Q14 - She ____ promoted again.
has been

Q15 - They are ______ by the police at the moment.
being questioned